Access Control, Time & Attendance

We Provide wide range of  Biometric Time & Attendance recorders in Mysore.
Looking for a time and attendance system ? Here's everything you need to know about what it is, what it offers, and how to choose one.

Knowing exactly when your employees are showing up for work each morning and leaving at the end of the day is of critical importance . Businesses that aren't accurately tracking their employees' time could be costing themselves thousands of lakhs a year.


All features of Time & Attendance.

Biometric-based time & attendance system

Biometric based attendance system is considered to be the secured and reliable attendance control in the workplace. Xeonics Technologies provides advanced fingerprintface and iris recognition technology to meet any security level requirement for time attendance and access control.

Comprehensive reporting

For any organization, reporting is the key element which helps manager to take the strategic decision correctly and on time. Xeonics Technologies provides useful and very comprehensive reports that are helpful for the HR Manager. The reports also provides dynamic controls to filter information quickly. Reports can be exported to different formats such as PDFExcel and CSV.

Increased Productivity

With biometric clocks in place, the need to keep time manually is eliminated. This saves employees time, reduces staffing overhead and provides an accurate picture of labor data to the payroll department. This helps to effectively manage the overall business operations and will lead to an increase in productivity.

Increased Return on Investment (ROI)

When a company implements the use of a biometric time clock, it will help it achieve a positive ROI. This is done by eliminating employee theft, eliminating buddy punching and a number of other problems caused by loopholes and inaccuracies in the older types of attendance and timekeeping systems. These old systems cause many businesses to lose quite a bit of money, year after year.

What to Look for in a Access Control System

Trusted access control systems safeguard your physical and digital environments. As the world leader in access control solutions, Xeonics Technologies provides the highest level of security for facilities, assets, networks and resources.

Our award-winning access control systems extend capabilities, improve operational efficiencies and instill confidence that precious assets, resources and people are secured and protected. Xeonics best-in-class access control solutions enable:

  • Trusted access, for the right people at the right times
  • Safe environments for employees, visitors and contractors
  • User convenience and workflow optimization through integrated, mobile solutions
  • Increased visibility, with real-time monitoring and cost-control functions
  • Investment protection via scalable, forward-looking solutions
  • Peace of mind, with expert, personalized concept-to-implementation support

With decades of experience in the development of strong access control solutions for physical and logical access, Xeonics is trusted by organizations and governments to provide unsurpassed security and protection solutions.

What to Look for in a Access Control, Time and Attendance System

With so many systems on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is right for your business. When you’re shopping for a system, experts say there are several things you should look for:

  • Flexible time-tracking options: Look for a system that allows employees to record their hours in multiple ways, such as through an internet-connected computer, smartphone, tablet, time clock, telephone or text messages.
  • Keeps accurate time: The best time and attendance systems ensure employers are paying their employees for the actual time they work, not the hours they’re scheduled to work.
  • Tracks all time issues: Make sure you choose a system that takes care of all your time-related needs, not one that just lets employees punch in and out. This includes managing employee schedules and handling all PTO management.
  • Ease of use: Search for a system that’s easy to use, has an uncluttered interface and allows employee self-service.
  • Integration options: Choose a system that integrates with the applications and software, such as HR and payroll programs, that you already use.
  • Proactive alerts: Some systems provide notifications when employees are nearing overtime or forget to clock in or out. This can be helpful in controlling expenses.
  • Audit trail features: The ability to view original timesheet data along with any changes made by a manager or supervisor can be important in case of an audit.